Maryland Auto Accident News: Baby Critically Injured in Single-vehicle Crash in Prince George’s County

Defective vehicle equipment is not the only cause of single-car, truck and motorcycle crashes, but it is one of many reasons for these kinds of traffic accidents. As a Maryland auto and trucking accident attorney, I know how a simple problem or event can escalate into a major collision with life-threatening consequences. Elderly adults, teens and toddlers are all potential victims of automobile accidents here in Baltimore, over in the District and all across the state.

Children are the most innocent of victims when it comes to car and truck collisions. They have little control over anything that happens in a vehicle, yet they can be the ones who suffer the most from violent auto accident. This is why we, as parents and relatives, must all do our part to protect young children from the dangers that are always present on our roadways.

Despite how much we try, accidents will likely always occur and jeopardize the happiness of our children. According to a news report, a one-year-old baby was injured not long ago in a single-car wreck that happened in Prince George’s County. Based on police reports, the accident took place on a Monday around 4pm along Floral Park Road when a ’93 Ford Probe went out of control and hit a tree or some other kind of stationary obstacle by the roadside.

The car was carrying five persons at the time of the accident and police were not sure at the time of the news report why the 21-year-old driver apparently lost control of the car. As a result, the driver and other adults as well as two of the three children riding in the vehicle were taken to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. The one-year-old was taken by medivac helicopter with life-threatening injuries. Police were still investigating the cause of the crash when the news reports were filed.

1-year-old critically hurt in Pr. George’s crash,, September 28, 2010
Baby in critical condition after Monday Brandywine crash,, Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

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