Maryland Wrong Way Crash Leaves Three Hurt

Maryland residents frequently use highways and roadways in their lives. From commuting to work to doing daily errands, roadways are the easiest way to get places. But roads also pose risks for life-altering car accidents. Even if you are an alert driver, the risk of a distracted or inhibited motorist sharing the road increases the chance of being involved in an accident. An uncommon, but dangerous type of accident can come from a “wrong-way” driver. Wrong-way accidents can be sudden and traumatic, with a motorist intentionally or unintentionally speeding toward oncoming traffic. Because wrong-way accidents can be head-on and sudden, drivers may not have time to react. The results can often be deadly. The legal and medical impacts of the accident may not be immediately clear. These results can outlast the initial shock of a crash and make it crucial to have an experienced personal injury attorney.

Recently, a wrong-way driver caused a crash involving three cars in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Fortunately, the crash was not fatal. However, three people were injured. The accident started when a driver traveled the wrong way in the westbound lane and hit two vehicles driving the right way in the lane. It is unclear what caused the driver to drive in the opposite direction of traffic.

What Are the Causes of Wrong-Way Accidents?

A report from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found some factors for increasing the risk of a wrong-way crash. Older drivers are more likely to be wrong-way drivers, with the risk increasing significantly if they are over 70 years old. Alcohol impairment of the driver also makes it more likely that they will become a wrong-way driver. The report also shares that having a passenger in the car can reduce the risk of wrong-way crashes.

While some roadways have barriers to prevent vehicles from entering and driving in the opposite direction of traffic, that doesn’t completely prevent the risk of wrong-way drivers. If a motorist is not paying attention to roadway entrance lanes or traffic signs, they may be more likely to drive the wrong way. Drivers can be attentive to their surroundings to prevent becoming involved in a wrong-way crash. In Maryland, all drivers in an accident can be at risk for liability because it is a contributory negligence state. That means that any driver who was partially at fault is not able to collect damages, even if they are injured. In a wrong-way crash that means that even a right-way driver may be at fault if they subsequently collide with another car after being hit by a wrong-way driver. The expertise of a skilled personal injury lawyer is even more critical in such complex cases.

Have You or a Loved One Been a Victim of a Wrong-Way Crash?

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