Maryland Police Investigating Fatal Maryland Pedestrian Crash

State Police in Maryland are investigating a fatal Maryland pedestrian crash that took place at Quantico. According to one news report, investigators indicated that a 30-year-old woman was standing in the road where she was involved in an argument and that she was hit by a vehicle. The police were called to the scene and found the woman in the roadway. She was pronounced dead on the scene. The crash reportedly occurred just before 1 a.m. Police continue to investigate the crash.

Victims of a Maryland pedestrian crash can seek damages from drivers or other parties at fault through filing a lawsuit in a Maryland court. If a driver is negligent—or purposely injures a pedestrian—they may be liable for damages including medical expenses, psychological suffering, physical therapy expenses, lost wages, and more.

A pedestrian crash is any crash that involves a person on foot, even if a driver exited the vehicle. According to 2018 statistics, a pedestrian was killed in a traffic crash on average every 84 minutes in the United States. Despite seeing less traffic in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maryland Department of Transportation says that pedestrian fatalities were up in 2020, from 124 in 2019 to 134 in 2020. Crash fatalities in Maryland were at their highest in 12 years. The total number of crash fatalities in 2020 was the highest in Maryland since 2008. Pedestrian crashes often occur in urban areas. From 2009 to 2013, about 90 percent of crashes in Maryland involving a pedestrian took place in the metropolitan areas of Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Can Family Members File a Personal Injury Claim After a Fatal Pedestrian Accident?

In the event of a pedestrian’s death, a wrongful death claim may be filed by certain family members of the victim who may be able to recover damages for their loss. A wrongful death claim allows family members to hold at-fault motorists responsible for their loved one’s death. In Maryland, the claim normally is filed by the victim’s spouse, parent, or child, but other family members may qualify in some circumstances. A wrongful death claim may only be filed one time based on one person’s wrongful death. Maryland wrongful death claims after a crash generally have to be filed within three years of the victim’s death. In a pedestrian crash case, a driver or another defendant may argue that a pedestrian was partially at fault for their own injuries. If they are successful in proving that a pedestrian was partially at fault, the pedestrian (or their family members) will not be able to recover financial compensation for the crash.

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