Maryland Pedestrian Safety Risks

Pedestrians, like motorists, often engage in multi-tasking, such as snacking, listening to music, or using hand-held devices. The effects of this usage are similar to those distracted drivers experience. However, unlike distracting driving, distracted walking has not received public attention, even though Maryland pedestrian accidents are a serious concern.

Walking has many public health benefits and helps reduce greenhouse emissions, climate change, and poor air quality. However, walking poses many dangers, especially when pedestrians proceed in areas in undesignated areas, highways, or during the early morning or late evening hours. However, the fact remains that many people have no choice but to walk, especially as gas prices increase.

Although walking can help mitigate traffic congestion, interactions between walkers and vehicles on the same roadway can create dangerous situations. Many factors significantly increase the likelihood of fatal and non-fatal pedestrians accidents. These include improper crossing, distraction, and failure to obey traffic signs. However, like many accidents where a significant difference in protection exists, it is often hard to determine the exact cause of these accidents.

For instance, a news report discussed a Maryland pedestrian accident investigation. After receiving an emergency dispatch, Maryland State Troopers reported to the southbound lane of Rt. 213. The pedestrian was unresponsive lying in the roadway, and he later succumbed to his injuries. The 22-year-old driver remained at the scene and cooperated with the police. A preliminary report indicates that the pedestrian may have been trying to cross Rt. 213, however, the accident is still under investigation.

A study compared the behavior of people walking while talking on a cell phone, individuals walking alone with no electronics, individuals walking and listening to music, and individuals walking in pairs. Findings suggest that those on the cell phone exhibited “inattentional blindness,” which means that nearly 75% of cell phone users failed to notice unusual activity compared to the other groups.

If I Was At Fault in a Maryland Pedestrian Accident, Can I Still Bring a Case?

Under Maryland law, pedestrians who were at fault may lose the ability to recover for their injuries. Therefore, it is critical that injured motorists and pedestrians seek assistance to ensure that they secure the compensation the law entitles. Compensation in these cases may include payments for medical expenses, ongoing treatment, and pain and suffering.

Have You Suffered Injuries in a Maryland Pedestrian Accident

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