Maryland Car Crash Results in Death of 13-Year-old Boy

A 13-year-old boy died after a recent Maryland car crash in Camp Springs. According to one news source, the crash occurred when the driver of the vehicle with the 13-year-old boy as a passenger was traveling north on Allentown Road. The driver reportedly made a left turn into a shopping center and crashed into another car that was traveling south on the same road. The boy was taken to a local hospital and pronounced dead. The drivers of both cars were injured but their injuries were reportedly not life-threatening. An investigation into the crash continues and anyone with information is asked to call the police.

The recent crash highlights the dangers of left turns for Maryland drivers. Research shows that left turns are a factor in many crashes. In one study, left turns were shown to be three times more likely to produce a serious injury or fatality as compared to right turns. In another study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), the critical pre-crash event in 22.2 percent of crashes was a left turn. This means that about one-fifth of the crashes were caused by a left turn. In comparison, right turns made up only 1.2 percent of the crashes studied.

Researchers have explained that in making a left turn, drivers have to make a number of calculations within a short amount of time, drivers have to turn against the flow of oncoming cars, drivers’ view can be obstructed, and that such turns involve a wide turn radius.

Maryland car accident victims injured after a left turn crash may be able to recover compensation for their injuries. If someone is injured, they may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver and anyone else who may be at fault. In the tragic event of the death, certain family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the same defendants.

What Do You Need to Prove in a Maryland Car Accident Case?

Anyone filing a Maryland car accident lawsuit needs to show: 1) the owed the victim a duty of care; 2) the defendant failed to meet the standard of care by acting or failing to act in some way; 3) the defendant’s wrongful act caused the victim’s injuries or death, and; 4) the plaintiff suffered damages. Drivers making a left turn may be negligent in failing to properly check their rear and side-view mirrors and properly look for pedestrians or motorists. In any event, victims should consult with an experienced Maryland car accident attorney about their case.

Consult with a Maryland Car Accident Attorney

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