Maryland Car Accidents Hurt More Than Just the Driver

Most drivers know that if they drive recklessly or carelessly, they risk getting into a Maryland car accident and hurting themselves. Driver’s safety school teaches the basic principles of accident avoidance, such as staying aware while driving, never driving while under the influence, and following all traffic rules. While these are all good habits to avoid getting into a car accident and getting hurt or killed yourself, it is important to remember that driving safely is not just about you. Maryland car accidents can, and usually do, have impacts on other people—whether they be passengers in the driver’s vehicle, individuals in another vehicle, or even pedestrians on the road. Maryland drivers should be sure to always drive cautiously to avoid harming others, as well as themselves.

Recently, a tragic Maryland accident illustrated what’s at stake when driving carelessly. According to a news report from the Baltimore Sun, the accident occurred in Baltimore, on Howard street downtown one morning. Around 7:30 a.m., a sedan was driving when it failed to stop at a red light and instead drove onto the Howard Street tracks. The sedan was struck first by a southbound Baltimore Light Rail train, and then additionally a second northbound train.

One witness described how the sedan became sandwiched between the two trains—“one hit them this way; the other hit them that way.” First responders were needed to extricate the driver and the passengers. The woman in the car was tragically pronounced dead at the scene. The 7-year-old child and 30-year-old man fortunately survived but were taken to a local hospital with severe injuries. But the accident did not just harm those in the sedan—the operator of the southbound train was also taken to the hospital with injuries. At this time, it is unclear whether anyone else was hurt.

This tragic accident illustrates the web of individuals who can be hurt when just one person makes a reckless mistake—like running a red light. Partially for this reason, a doctrine of law has developed in Maryland that allows those injured as a result of someone else’s negligence to file a personal injury lawsuit against them to recover. These lawsuits could potentially be brought, for example, by the passengers injured in the sedan, or the passengers or operators of the two trains. If a pedestrian was injured, they too might be able to bring a suit. The purpose of these suits is to help make those who were injured whole, typically by providing them monetary compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

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