Maryland Car Accident Leaves Three Dead

Despite great improvements in the safety of cars and roadway infrastructure, motor vehicle accidents remain the number one cause of death in the United States for those aged 1-54. Many of these accidents are preventable. Just last week, for example, three people died in a Maryland crash where alcohol was a suspected factor.

The accident took place in Anne Arundel County on a Saturday night. In this single-car crash, an SUV heading westbound was spotted barreling down the road before suddenly exiting the road, flipping upside down, and smashing into a tree. Tragically, all three people in the SUV died on the scene. The youngest was just 31 years old.

Although the most direct causes of the crash appear to have been excessive speed and the driver’s failure to stay in his lane, officials also believe that alcohol was a contributing factor.

Indeed, alcohol-impaired driving crashes account for over a quarter of U.S. traffic-related fatalities.

Victims of alcohol-impaired driving crashes in Maryland can file a civil suit to recover financial damages. Successful suits can result in compensation not just for physical injuries, but also to compensate the victim for their pain and suffering, as well as tangible expenses such as medical bills, property damage, and wage losses. The goal of these suits is to make the victim whole again.

To win the case, it is not enough to prove that the other driver was drunk or impaired. Instead, the injured person must prove that the driver acted negligently in a way that caused the injuries. Of course, evidence that a driver was drunk bears on the fact of negligence. Other relevant evidence includes past court involvement for drunk or impaired driving and guilty pleas to traffic citations.

Importantly, an arrest or conviction for drunk driving in conjunction with an accident does not result in any tangible compensation for victims. Therefore, victims who wish to obtain the compensation they deserve must bring a civil suit.

What Happens if a Drunk Driver Can't Pay for an Accident Victim's Damages?

Sometimes, a drunk or impaired driver may lack the financial resources to compensate victims fully for their injuries. In these cases, victims may look to the at-fault driver’s insurance company or another third party who may also have shared responsibility for the accident. Of course, insurance companies are often hesitant to admit liability and, even when they do, tend to minimize an accident victim’s injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims present a compelling case for maximum compensation.

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