How Fault is Allocated in a Maryland Multiple Vehicle Accident

When an accident involves multiple parties, things can get complicated fast. As an initial matter, figuring out who was at fault and what percentage of the fault should be allocated to them in the accident may be in dispute. In addition, figuring out how much fault others have, if any, in causing the accident, can often also be a challenge. Sometimes, following an accident, witness testimony may be hazy and people may have conflicting accounts of how the collision took place. Understanding how fault is allocated in an accident involving multiple parties can prepare you for what’s to come.

According to a recent local news report, several were hurt in a multiple-vehicle crash. Local authorities were called to the scene of the accident at around 7:35am, where initial reports showed that the crash involved a Ford truck pulling a trailer and a Kia. Investigators reported that the Ford was attempting to make a turn when it crashed into the Kia. Six people—three adults and three minors—were reportedly injured after the accident and transported to local hospitals for treatment. Among the injured, nearly everyone had serious injuries, with one person needing to be extracted from the wreckage and one minor with serious, life-threatening injuries. The accident resulted in an extended road closure as authorities responded to the crash and the collision remains under investigation.

How Is Fault Determined in Maryland Car Accidents?<br />

Following a major accident with multiple vehicles, your first priority should be getting medical assistance if you have been injured. After calling for help, it is crucial to contact the police so that they may gather accounts of the accident and clear the scene of any debris from the collision. Although the police may be collecting statements from everyone involved in the accident and providing a report of the collision, it is important that you also gather as much evidence as possible on your own. Photos, videos, and notes from your observations of the accident can be helpful for determining fault following the accident.

When allocating fault in accidents involving multiple parties, if the accident involves several vehicles and a pile-up, the at-fault party is typically the one who caused the chain reaction to take place. Because multiple vehicle accidents are fact and circumstance dependent, however, these cases are rarely this simple. In fact, determining who is at fault and at what proportion is often a fact and circumstance-specific element of a multiple-vehicle crash. Depending on how the crash took place and the chain of events leading up to the accident or series of accidents, the calculus of who is at fault and for how much of the accident they are responsible for may change.

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