Fatal Car Accident Claims One Life after Woman Dies when Automobile Drives into Restaurant

It’s easy to assume that car accidents only injure those in other vehicles or kill pedestrians trying to cross busy streets, but motor vehicles of all sizes and descriptions injure men, women and children every year who are neither car or truck occupants, nor individuals standing by curbside waiting for a traffic light. The fact is, automobile and commercial truck crashes can take the lives of almost anyone given the right circumstances.

As personal injury attorneys serving victims injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents throughout the state of Maryland, we can feel the anger and frustration of individuals who are hurt as a result of another driver’s negligence. For those who are less fortunate, people who for no fault of their own have been killed in a senseless traffic wreck, we offer our help to the victims’ families in an effort to bring at least a modicum of justice to the grieving survivors.

Whether one is injured in Annapolis, Baltimore or Washington, D.C., our job is to find fault and help to correct any injustice to these victims of car and trucking-related collisions. One thing that we know, after helping numerous clients to recover damages from responsible parties, is that a motor vehicle can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Although nobody expects to be hurt or killed by a car in their home, this too has happened, enough to say it is a potential event depending on the particular situation.

Similarly, individuals have been injured, maimed and killed in automobile accidents that occur in shopping centers and gasoline stations. One such crash that happened in the southern U.S. reportedly took the life of a woman right in front of her daughter and grandchild. Although the circumstances may seem odd, they nonetheless represent one of the many and varied scenarios involving cars and trucks every year in this country.

According to news articles, the crash in question took place in Texas when an elderly driver attempting to leave a parking space accidentally pressing on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal instead of the brake. This caused the vehicle to plow into a nearby pizzeria restaurant inuring several people, one of them fatally. Based on police reports, the crash happened last Friday evening as the 82-year-old victim, her daughter and grandson were enjoying a quiet meal together.

Ironically, the woman and her relatives were at the restaurant to share news of her husband’s passing not long ago. News reports indicate that the horrifying wreck happened just as the three had begun to dine at the eating establishment. According to reports, an elderly driver had just left a nearby salon when she apparently lost control of her vehicle.

After allegedly hitting the gas instead of the brake pedal, the woman caused the vehicle to run out of control, hitting a utility pole and another vehicle in the parking lot. After striking a minivan, the car then when over an embankment, slamming headlong in pizzeria a few minutes before 2pm in the afternoon. The force of the crash resulted in three restaurant patrons being pinned beneath the motor vehicle. Bystanders reportedly jumped into action and helped to lift the car off of the victims.

Police stated that four people, at a minimum, were transported by emergency responders to a local medical center for treatment of their injuries. Sadly, the 82-year-old grandmother and recent widow died at the hospital with doctors and staff unable to save her life. The survivors, including the deceased woman’s daughter and grandson, were obviously shaken up. The victim’s daughter told reporters that her son was still in denial even after hearing of his grandmother’s, death.

Local police officials reportedly told news people that they did not intend to file any charges against the 80-year-old driver who caused the deadly accident. News articles stated that the police had withheld the news of the victim’s death from the driver because they felt she might not be able to handle the news.

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