Fatal Crash in Baltimore Serves as Unfortunate Example of Detrimental Effects of Multi-Car Collisions

Oftentimes, car collisions do not just involve two drivers on the road. Passengers, pedestrians, passersby, and police officers can also quickly become involved in accidents, especially when there are multiple vehicles involved in the crash. A recent collision in Maryland demonstrated the unfortunate effects of one driver’s detrimental mistake, a mistake that ultimately harmed several individuals and left another individual dead.

This crash re-surfaced in local news reports after the Maryland Attorney General’s office made public body camera videos from the October 8 incident. The videos show jarring images of the effects of a collision that left one individual dead and several others injured.

According to reports, officers in Baltimore were following a Honda CR-V when the car sped up and collided with two cars ahead of it. This original crash caused a chain reaction in which the cars collided with a fourth vehicle, ultimately creating a chaotic scene that confused other drivers on the road. One of the car’s passengers was a 17-year-old from Baltimore, and he ultimately died from injuries sustained in the crash.

The two officers activated their cameras when they saw the crash, and as part of the public accountability process, they made these videos available to the community at-large. Part of the officers’ job was to rush to the collision and help first responders access the passengers who were injured as a result of the crash.

What Is the Difference Between Negligence and Recklessness?

Unfortunately, this crash is one of many in Maryland this year that has injured or killed innocent passengers. For those in a similar situation, there are various options that allow injured parties to pursue compensation after a collision. One of the first steps in filing a personal injury claim is figuring out if the driver at fault was negligent or reckless. Negligent drivers are those who failed to pay attention on the road, whereas reckless drivers are those who showed an intentional disregard for others’ safety. The kind of compensation you can get depends, in part, on what kind of driver caused the damages in your accident.

In multi-car collisions, figuring out these aspects of your claim can be complicated, but an experienced personal injury attorney can help you analyze your case to figure out exactly what to argue to be successful.

Were You or a Loved One Involved in a Car Collision in Maryland?

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