Failure to Yield Results in Death of One Driver in Fatal Howard County Car Wreck

It seems that at almost every turn we run into examples of poor driving causing death and injury on Maryland roadways. It’s not so surprising as it is disheartening to see the numerous victims of these senseless car, truck and motorcycle crashes. Not only the victims, but their families are affected by the devastating effects of a bad injury accident, never mind the awful irreversible results of a fatal highway collision.

As auto and truck injury accident lawyers, our firm helps the victims of accidents here in the Baltimore area, as well as the rest of the state and over in the District of Columbia. Because so much is at stake when a loved one is sent to the hospital by the negligent act of another driver, we understand the financial, emotional and psychological hurdles that a car, motorcycle or trucking accident victim must deal.

Whether a driver or passenger is due to the negligence or thoughtlessness of another individual, the range of medical complications can be vast depending on the kind of crash, type of vehicles involved and the rapidity with which emergency responders arrive at the crash site to lend aid. From economy cars and motorcycles to sport utility vehicles and large full-size vans, occupants can suffer minor injuries such as bumps and bruises to cuts, deep lacerations and traumatic brain injuries.

No accident is quite the same, however the aftermath sometimes seems like a repeat of a bad dream. Some passenger car wrecks can be downright deadly, requiring the occupants be cut out of the mangled wreckage by firefighters with special equipment. Other accidents, though tame-looking in comparison, can actually result in life-altering, long-term injuries. Head, neck and spinal cord injuries can put a victim in a wheelchair for weeks, months or even a lifetime.

Sadly, many victims of severe traffic crashes may never be able to leave the hospital or, at best, require constant attention from a private nurse or other professional caretaker. The difficulties experienced by many people following a bad road accident can make a full and normal life almost impossible. Because of this it is always a good idea to consult a qualified personal injury attorney to better understand one’s rights and options going forward, especially for families who have lost a parent or primary breadwinner.

Our thoughts generally turn to the victims of car and trucking-related accidents when we read of Maryland car accidents in the news. A while back, as we were perusing the local news outlets, we ran across a brief article describing a fatal car crash that took the life of a Pasadena, MD, resident. According to reports, the crash took place on a Monday evening in Howard County along a stretch of Robert Fulton Dr.

According to the news, the accident took place just before 10pm when the driver of an older Mercedes sedan attempted a left turn in front of an oncoming Toyota SUV. The sport ute was apparently headed northwest on Fulton when the Mercedes driver turning in front of the vehicle being driven by a 38-year-old female driver.

The driver and sole occupant of the Mercedes was treated by EMS crews arriving on the scene and reportedly taken to Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore for further medical attention; however the individual died shortly after being admitted to the emergency room. Although an accident investigation was still in progress at the time of the news article, police believed that the crash was caused by the Mercedes driver not yielding the right-of-way to the Toyota driver.

Fatal Howard County Crash Involves Pasadena Driver,, April 17, 2012

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