Elderly Driver Charged with Negligent Driving After Crashing into a Fast-Food Restaurant

Earlier this week in sleepy Hampstead, Maryland, a bit of excitement greeted residents at lunch hour when a car drove through two walls of a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant. According to a report by a local news affiliate, just before noon last Thursday an 80-year-old driver ended up crashing through the walls of the restaurant and into the lobby.

According to a police officer who was in the parking lot of the restaurant at the time, “The vehicle pulled forward at first, hit the curb or the building, realized it, backed up about halfway in the lot here, and then [the driver] apparently went to put it in park and put it in drive and must’ve gunned the gas, spun out a little bit, and went forward through both the walls.”

Luckily, no one was hurt in the strange accident, including the elderly driver. One woman, however, told reporters that she had to jump over a table when she saw the car coming towards her.

Police tested the driver of the car for drugs and alcohol, but they do not believe that either was involved in the accident. Instead, police believe that the elderly man was confused and that the incident was merely an accident. The driver was, however, cited for negligent driving for his role in causing the accident.

Elderly Drivers on Maryland Roads

Older drivers have just as much right to use the roads as everyone else. However, as we get older, the skills we use for driving can wane. Eventually, this can result in someone who used to be a safe, diligent driver becoming a dangerous one.

A few of the issues that older drivers have are:

  • A decrease in reaction time;
  • A more difficult time seeing, especially at night;
  • An increase in the likelihood of confusion;
  • A more difficult time physically maneuvering the vehicle; and
  • A decreased ability to hear the noise of the road.

Liability for Auto Accidents

Those who are operating a vehicle negligently and cause damage to another person are responsible to that person for their injuries or property damage. Generally, the accident victim must prove that the other driver owed them a duty of care, which the other driver broke. In addition, the accident victim must show that the other driver’s actions caused the accident victim harm.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

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