Driver Injured when Pickup Slams into Hebron, Maryland, Convenience Store

In a freak vehicle accident last week, an out-of-control pickup truck crashed into a Hebron, MD, convenience store narrowly missing employees and patrons inside. The vehicle, driven by a Nanticoke resident and containing the man’s two young children, hit the building with such force that it broke through an eight-inch-thick cinderblock wall causing hundreds of dollars of damage. The driver was the only person to sustain injuries.

According to Maryland State Police, the incident occurred on Wednesday, June 4, when Leonard George Hess lost control of his Chevrolet cabin pickup truck, which apparently traveled about an eighth of a mile across a field of flowers and a water retention pond, finally coming to a stop when it broke through the side of the Shore Stop convenience store located on westbound Route 50 at Memory Garden Lane.

According to reports, the driver was transported to the Emergency Department at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. As Maryland Automobile Accident Attorneys, we have seen many cases of runaway vehicles, which have been known to inflict numerous personal injuries to the vehicle’s occupants and bystanders alike.

In this case, it is amazing that nobody was seriously hurt, especially the children also riding in the vehicle. Reports indicate that the driver had been to the doctor that morning and may have fallen sleep after taking some new medication.

Although there was significant property damage to the side of the building where the vehicle entered, as well as merchandise inside the store that was destroyed by the impact, a Wicomico County building inspector checked the building for structural integrity and approved it for re-entry a couple hours following the crash.

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Truck rams into Shore Stop,, June 4, 2009
Pickup Crashes Into Shore Stop,, June 3, 2009

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