Driver Fleeing Police Causes Collision in South Baltimore

A man attempting to flee from police in his sedan caused some extensive damage in South Baltimore. The chase began when an officer attempted to approach the man’s vehicle in the Mount Clare Junction area. The driver then drove away, eventually coming down Carey Street, where he hit a pickup truck passing through the Washington Boulevard intersection. The collision sent both vehicles into a tailspin, which came to rest near a light pole.

According to reports, the man was traveling with a 1 year old, who was not seriously harmed, and a 26 year old woman, who witnesses stated suffered a serious arm injury.

Police later identified the 26 year old man, and reported that he fled due to being wanted for assault and a narcotics violation. He was subsequently taken to Shock Trauma for non-life threatening injuries.

Following the collision, a team of firefighters worked to extricate the driver of the truck, which had ended up on top of the sedan. Authorities reported that the driver was transported to Shock Trauma for minor injuries.

This accident is an example of where criminal and civil legal issues can become entangled. In this case, for example, if the facts as reported are correct, the driver could be charged for fleeing from police or trying to elude them (in addition to whatever other relevant criminal charges he might have incurred). His decision also led to the fairly dramatic car accident with a pickup truck. In addition to the pickup driver potentially having a civil claim for negligence against the driver of the sedan, which would possibly cover any of his relevant medical bills or expenses, the man’s passengers may also have claims. However, in many cases, when the passengers are family members, which appears to be the case here, they may choose not to bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

In addition to the damages incurred by drivers in other vehicles, if a car accident also results in property damage, which is incredibly likely in these sorts of police chase accidents, the affected residents or businesses may also have a negligence claim.

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