Driver Critically Injured When Another Motorist Changed Lanes into Her Vehicle

Earlier this week in Silver Spring, a woman was critically injured when the car she was driving was hit by a SUV that didn’t see her when it changed lanes, colliding into her vehicle. According to a report by ABC 7, the accident occurred shortly after one in the afternoon near the intersection of Columbia Pike and Fairfield Road.

Evidently the woman was driving in her Audi in one of the northbound lanes on Columbia Pike when a Jeep SUV changed lanes into her vehicle. The force from the collision pushed the Audi into a Lincoln Navigator, which caused it to overturn. The Audi also collided with a Saturn at some point during the accident.

The driver of the Audi was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. The driver of the Lincoln Navigator was also taken to the hospital, although with less serious injuries. The other drivers were not injured in the accident.

Police are still investigating the accident and, at the time of the article’s publication, have not pressed criminal charges in relation to the altercation.

Lane-Change Accidents on Maryland Roads

Each day, drivers are presented with thousands of decisions that must be made on the way to their destination. Many of these decisions involve the determination of when to yield to another driver; how long to stop at a stop sign; how fast to travel, etc. All of them implicate the safety and well-being of their fellow motorists.

One of the more important decisions a motorist must make, and a common cause of Maryland car accidents, is the decision to change lanes. All too often drivers change lanes after a quick glance into the side mirrors, not realizing when there is another motorist in their blind spot. Oftentimes, because Maryland traffic can be so heavy at times, the car in their blind spot has nowhere to go and has no choice but to hope that the driver sees them and stops the encroachment into their lane.

However, each day there are several accidents that result from this exact behavior, whether it is caused by a driver’s haste, distraction, or inattentiveness. To make matters worse, these blind spot accidents are even more dangerous because they usually occur on crowded roadways, where one collision often leads to another, as was the case in the accident described above.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Auto Accident?

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