Determining Fault in a Maryland Multi-Vehicle Accident

Although car accidents can take place in a variety of ways, sometimes they involve multiple cars. Often, these crashes are far from clear cut—it can often be unclear even to those directly involved or those who witnessed the accident exactly who was at fault and how much fault each party should be responsible for. Following a multiple vehicle accident, however, it is important to know exactly how to determine fault. After all, you don’t want to be responsible for more than your share, especially if you were injured or had significant property damage and are seeking to recover from the other parties.

According to a recent news report, a multi-vehicle car accident resulted in the death of one person and injuries to four others. Local police said that five vehicles were involved in the accident, and preliminary findings indicate that speed may have been a contributing factor. The collision resulted in one death, one critical and serious injury, and two minor injuries. The street where the accident took place was temporarily closed as investigators continued to canvas the scene and vehicles were removed. The accident remains under investigation.

In all personal injury claims, the party suing for compensation must be able to prove the defendant or defendants’ actions were negligent and directly caused the plaintiff’s injuries or damage sustained. In multiple vehicle accidents that typically involve a chain reaction of crashes, it can be challenging establishing fault because although the accident may have happened because someone was negligent and started it, the actions of the other parties involved also play a role in the severity of the crash. For example, if other drivers involved in the accident also are speeding or distracted, this can create an even more severe multiple vehicle accident.

What Should I do After a Maryland Car Accident?

Following a major multiple vehicle accident, your first priority should be ensuring that you get the help you need if there were any injuries, and to document your medical visit and subsequent follow-up appointments. While still at the scene, contacting the police is crucial to establish a paper trail, but also so that the police can work on getting witness statements. After a multiple car collision, it is also important to gather as much evidence of the scene as possible through photos and videos. Once you have gathered the evidence, make sure to obtain the driver’s license and car insurance information of the other parties involved so that you can contact your insurance company to file a claim.
In complex chain reaction and multiple vehicle accidents, it is important to figure out who is at fault because everyone who acted negligently or carelessly must be held accountable when it comes to figuring out compensation. Hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is crucial so that you can both figure out whether it’s legally advisable to pursue a lawsuit for damages or what your next steps should be.

Do You Need a Maryland Car Accident Attorney?

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