Deadly Rear-end Traffic Accident Leaves One Driver Dead, Others Injured in Millersville, MD

Passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and light trucks are all smaller and less massive than larger commercial vehicles, yet any kind of traffic accident that involves a modicum of speed can result in some serious injuries — sometimes even fatal ones. As Baltimore personal injury accident lawyers, I and my colleagues know full well that crashes involving passenger cars and light trucks make up the bulk of the roadway collisions in this country.

While motorcycle accidents can lead to serious closed-head injuries, broken bones and internal injuries, the carnage wrought by a speeding two-ton motor vehicle can impart such a large amount of energy, especially to a stationary passenger car, that the occupants can also suffer extreme and life-threatening injuries. For those who have survived a bad roadway wreck, few would ever want to relive such an event.

Although head-on passenger car and commercial trucking collisions can yield rather tragic results, side-impact wrecks and rear-end crashes have been known to result in critical and life-threatening injuries. Many rear-end crashes result in whiplash, neck sprains and other neck injuries. These can be combined with a variety of back-related injuries affecting the bones, muscles and tissues that comprise that area of the human body.

Approximately 200,000 people in the U.S. suffer from some kind of spinal cord injury, while as many as 20,000 individuals may suffer from an injury to his or her spine before the year is up. Many of these will be associated with what we would term senseless auto accidents caused, more or less, by the negligent action of a single driver. We have seen and heard of these kinds of traffic incidents in numerous cities and towns in and around Maryland, as well as in the District. One such rear-impact crash occurred a while back in the Millersville area.

According to the news article we ran across, a three-vehicle collision along Benfield Blvd. took the life of a Severna Park resident when the vehicle he was operating slammed into the back of a second vehicle waiting at a red light. Based on police reports, the 56-year-old driver failed to stop and his Dodge Ram pickup truck hit a Ford SUV and a smaller Honda sport utility vehicle, both of which were stopped in the left travel lane on the eastbound side of Benfield.

The force of the impact pushed the Ford into the back end of the Honda, which then rolled across the intersection, coming to rest on the other side. The Ford had two individuals inside, who were reportedly uninjured in the crash. The Honda driver did receive some minor injuries and that person was taken to Baltimore Washington Medical Center. The driver of the pickup was transported to the medical center as well, however doctors could do nothing for the man and he was pronounced dead a short time after.

Police investigators, at the time of the news article, believed that at no time did the driver of the Dodge ever attempt to slow down or avoid the impending collision. Although the investigation was ongoing at the time of the news report, authorities stated at that there was no initial evidence indicating that alcohol or excessive vehicle speed may have been contributing factors to the crash.

Man Dies in 3-Car Crash in Millersville,, October 3, 2012

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