Civil Liability in Drunk Driving Accidents in Maryland

Everyone with a driver’s license knows that driving while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances is against the law. In many cases, the fear of being caught by police, losing their driving privileges, and potentially facing a lengthy term of incarceration deters drivers from getting behind the wheel after they have too many drinks. However, the criminal consequences of a drunk driving conviction are only half of the repercussions that a drunk driver may face. There can also be significant civil consequences.

When someone is injured in a drunk driving accident, they are entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver as well as the drunk driver’s insurance company, seeking monetary compensation for their injuries. These lawsuits proceed under the legal theory of negligence, which requires an accident victim to prove that the drunk driver was somehow negligent and that their negligence was the cause of the injuries. Moreover, since there is a specific statutory prohibition against drunk driving, people injured in a drunk driving accident can often take advantage of procedural “shortcuts” in proving a claim.

Man Sentenced in Maryland Drunk Driving Accident that Killed 16-Month-Old

Earlier this month, a Baltimore man was sentenced to 22 years in prison plus 11 years of probation to follow after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter, fleeing police, and driving on a suspended license. According to one local news report covering the recent sentencing, the accident occurred back in November of last year, when the man led police on a brief chase before slamming into another vehicle. That vehicle was then pushed into a stroller carrying a 16-month-old boy. The young boy was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The family of the young boy wanted to make a statement at the drunk driver’s sentencing hearing, but they felt too emotionally overwhelmed to do so, so they had a spokesperson deliver their prepared words. After the hearing, the man was sentenced to a 22-year prison term with 11 years suspended. He will also serve 11 years of probation and be required to participate in alcohol counseling. It remains to be seen if the family of the young boy will pursue a wrongful death claim against the drunk driver.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Drunk Driving Accident?

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