Car Wreck on Ice-Covered I-95 Kills One

Earlier this month on Interstate 95, a massive pile-up accident claimed the life of a Staten Island rabbi on his way to a religious event. According to a report by one local news source, the accident occurred near the Baltimore-Howard County line. The accident itself actually took place in Harford County, near the intersection of Route 23 and High Point Road.

Evidently, a band of freezing rain crept in and created extremely slippery conditions on the roadway. At around 7:30 in the morning, a Honda CRV was traveling westbound on Route 23 when it lost control and crossed the median. The CRV collided with an eastbound vehicle.

The man in the back seat of the CRV was pronounced dead shortly after emergency workers responded to the scene. He was a prominent rabbi in the New York City area. The driver and front-seat passenger of the CRV were also taken to the hospital, although with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver of the other vehicle, as well as the passenger, were both taken to the hospital with injuries.

Police are still conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident, but it does seem that weather had a role to play. There have not been any citations issued as of yet.

Serious Accidents in Snowy Road Conditions

This time of year it seems like every week we read about a serious or fatal accident that was caused at least in part by snowy or icy road conditions. To be sure, driving when in inclement weather can be taxing on a driver’s nerves. However, when doing so it is extremely important that extra care is taken and that the driver’s attention is never diverted from the road.

Distracted Driving Accidents in Bad Weather

Accidents can always happen in snowy or icy conditions. However, when a driver’s attention is removed from the road, the chances of getting into an accident skyrocket. Whether it be slippery road conditions that increase the amount of time a vehicle needs to come to a stop, or snowy and foggy conditions that decrease a driver’s line of sight, in either case drivers may need to actually slow down below the posted speed limit in order to safely operate their vehicles.

Have You Been Injured in a Serious Maryland Car Accident?

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