Car Plunges into a Maryland House and Lands Upside-Down

There are times when the details of a car crash sound like the details are coming from a script from a movie. Cars crashing into homes, cars plunging into the water, cars launching and spinning mid-air, etc. However, sometimes these accidents occur in real life and are dangerous for everyone involved.

According to a recent report, a driver survived a shocking car crash in Chillum, Maryland. An SUV was launched, spinning into the air and landed upside-down in the wall of a house. The vehicle’s back wheels were almost touching the partially-collapsed ceiling of the home. As a result, part of the wall of the home collapsed, and a part of the staircase was visible from the outside. After the crash, the driver of the vehicle was able to exit the car himself. According to initial reports, the driver was traveling up a hill, ended up spinning in the air, and landing on the inside of the house. Luckily, neither the driver nor anyone in the home was injured.

What Are Single-Vehicle Accidents?<br />

Although car accidents are more commonly thought of as involving two vehicles or more, there are instances where only one vehicle is involved. Single-vehicle accidents are car accidents involving just one vehicle, although these accidents can involve multiple passengers in the car or involve pedestrians or bystanders. Common reasons for single-vehicle accidents include driving at a high speed, driving while under the influence, distracted driving (such as texting while driving or taking your eyes off the road), inclement weather leading to lack of visibility or poor road conditions, and mechanical issues. In some situations, a vehicle may not collide with another vehicle but may attempt to avoid a collision, which may result in a single-vehicle accident.

Determining liability in these types of accidents may not always be as straightforward as one would think. There may be some situations where road defects, such as missing stop signs or guardrails where there usually is one, could lead to accidents. In those cases and any case, it may be important to consult with a lawyer to discuss how to determine liability. Navigating insurance, gathering evidence, understanding negligence laws, and more – these can all be overwhelming after being involved in a car accident, whether it is a single-vehicle accident or an accident involving multiple vehicles.

Have You Been Injured in a Maryland Car Accident?

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