Baltimore Traffic Accident News: Two Highway Construction Workers Killed in Fatal Crash on Rte 228

Drivers see the signs all of the time: Construction Zone, Reduced Speed Ahead, Give ‘em a Brake. As Maryland motorists we enjoy the convenience that our highways and interstates provide and the ease with which we can cross the state or the country in our cars, trucks and buses. But the construction and maintenance of these concrete and asphalt ribbons is a constant job. That’s where highway workers earn their keep.

But safety for these men and women is a relative and fleeting thing. With hundreds of passengers cars, motorcycles, SUVs and commercial delivery trucks passing by construction zones every hour the opportunity for injury is always present. How those individuals function in such a dangerous environment most of us will never know, the fact is a number of highway workers are killed every year as a result of car accidents and just plain negligence on the part of some drivers.

Families of the victims may have a hard time making ends meet, what with possible medical bills and lost wages suffered as a result of a construction zone crash. Whatever the situation, it’s never easy for a family to recover emotionally from the death of a breadwinner, much less a mother or father, wife or husband. This comes to mind just a story hit the wires about two Maryland highway workers who were killed not very long ago on a stretch of Rte 228.

According to reports, the crash occurred near Berry and Bensville roads in the early afternoon. Based on police reports a westbound Volkswagen SUV apparently left the roadway and struck three workers in the median. Two of the individuals died of injuries sustained in the crash. Police reports show that the three were cleaning up the area along Rte 228 in Waldorf around 1:30pm when the passenger car hit them.

Two highway workers killed in Waldorf crash,, October 21, 2010

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