Baltimore Policeman Hurt when Patrol Car Strikes Pickup Truck and Passenger Car during Emergency Run

Police, fire and rescue crews put their lives on the line every day of the week. While law enforcement and emergency personnel make up a small percentage of the overall population, injuries to these public servants represent a significant percentage of their respective groups. Police officers in particular are subject not only to injury or death on the job as a result of shooting incidents involving criminal activity, but traffic accidents are also a danger in this line of work.

Car and truck crashes can also injure fire fighters, ambulance drivers and EMS workers. As a Maryland injury lawyer, I have a deep knowledge of the kinds of injuries that can be sustained during a high-speed traffic accident. Just a couple days ago, a police officer was injured in an automobile accident when his patrol car struck another vehicle in North Baltimore, MD.

According to new reports, the officer’s vehicle was apparently speeding to a destination with its emergency siren and lights activated when the accident occurred. The crash happened on York Road when the pickup truck reportedly pulled out of a parking lot and into the path of the oncoming police car. The resulting crash caused the patrol car to flip over on its roof.

Officers arriving on the scene stated that the injured policeman was taken to Maryland Shock Trauma Center with a possible broken leg or ankle. Debris from both vehicles littered the road. After striking the pickup, the blue and white Chevy Impala also struck a Mercury Tracer passenger car before hitting the brick front of a local Subway restaurant. The officer involved in the crash was not identified at the time of the crash.

City police officer injured after patrol car, truck crash,, January 4, 2010

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