Baltimore Personal Injury News: Maryland Women Die in Fatal Silver Spring, MD, Single-car Crash

Few events are as heart-rending as the death of a young person on the cusp of life. A person who has yet to experience the full breadth of adulthood deserves better than to die too soon and certainly not as a result of another’s negligent actions. Sadly, fate can be both cruel and indiscriminate when it comes to fatal accidents. Car, truck and motorcycle wrecks claim the lives of hundreds of young children and teens every year, not through a selective process, but on a roll of the dice.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers, we know that every automobile or trucking-related traffic accident cannot be prevented; but there are instances where a driver or another individual makes a conscious decision that results in injury or death of another individual. In cases that involve negligence, an experienced personal injury attorney can help the victim or his estate to be compensated for their loss.

Whether one lives in Maryland or Washington, D.C., our firm understands injury law and has the skills to represent victims of fatal or serious roadway collisions; rear-end crashes, pedestrian accidents and head-on traffic accidents are just a few of the typical incidents that occur every month across the state. If a person is killed as a result of a car or truck crash caused by another individual, a wrongful death lawsuit is sometimes filed on the deceased behalf by the victim’s family.

A short while ago, two young women died and a third was seriously injured when the vehicle in which they all were riding apparently went out of control, left the roadway and crashed onto a nearby wall. According to police, the crash happened in the early morning hours on a Thursday and involved just the one vehicle. Based on news reports, the authorities believe that the two teens were returning from the District after being at a night club.

The car accident took place along a stretch of University Boulevard in Silver Spring, near the intersection of Piney Branch Rd. in Silver Spring, Maryland. Reports indicate that Jenice Richards., 22, and Tamara Johnson, 19, both died at the scene of the car crash. The third victim, 18-year-old Desaleen James, sustained serious bodily injury as a result of the wreck and was transported by emergence personnel to a local hospital for treatment.

Based on police reports, the crash took place around 3am as the victims’ car was headed eastbound on University Blvd. The initial investigation, at the time of the news article, showed that the women’s car left the road for some reason, flew through the air some distance, and came to rest in the front yard of a nearby home. There was no mention of whether the wreck may have been caused by a mechanical defect or other automotive component failure.

Officials from the Montgomery County PD told news reporters that the car ended up on a brick wall and was so damaged as to be barely recognizable. At the time of the news report, police could not say whether or not the crash was a result of alcohol or speed. News reports added that the westbound lanes of the roadway were closed until just before 6am; the east bound lanes reopened a couple hours later once investigators and cleanup crews had finished their work at the crash site.

Silver Spring, Md. Car Crash Kills Two People, Injures One;, December 29, 2011

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