Baltimore Personal Injury News: Rockville Car Wash Employee Killed when SUV Runs Man Over

As we have said numerous times before, auto, truck and motorcycle accidents can happen almost anywhere, anytime. Car-pedestrian accidents while generally fewer can also occur randomly, although fatal crosswalk and bus stop accidents are probably the most common. But people have been hit by cars while standing on the sidewalk, walking through a parking lot or even while visiting a local business.

As a Maryland personal injury attorney, I fully understand the severity of such pedestrian accidents and how they can impact a family, not only in cases of tragic and fatal automobile wrecks, but also in terms of pedestrian-car injury accidents where the victim is left with multiple medical complications due as a result of another individual’s negligence.

Broken bones can be the least of one’s problems following a collision between a car or truck and a pedestrian. Spinal damage and brain trauma can cause long-term physical and cognitive issues, with loss of motor skills and trouble with memory that can make an independent and so-called normal life virtually impossible.

Not long ago, an employee at the Flagship Carwash in Rockville was killed when a customer’s 1998 Jeep driven by another attendant, Julio Cesar Coreas-Portillo, reportedly went out of control and crushed the man to death. The accident took the life of Gavino Euseda, 48, and critically injured a second employee, Oscar Eusebio, 44.

The accident happened on a Wednesday afternoon around 5:30pm. At the time of the news articles, it was still unknown if the accident was caused by driver error, mechanical defect, or some other factor; and Rockville Police had yet to press any charges against the 27-year-old Coreas-Portillo in connection with the tragic crash.

According to news reports, the crash was somewhat similar to another incident that occurred at the same location back in August 2009. At that time, according to reports, a customer’s Ford SUV apparently needed $10,000 in repairs after one of the carwash’s employees drove it out the facility’s rear exit and up an embankment all without braking or coming to a stop. The customer told a reporter that the vehicle left the carwash lot, sped across an adjoining vacant lot and almost ended up on some nearby train tracks following the episode.

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