Baltimore Pedestrian Accident News: Hit-and-Run Driver Injures 2 Johns Hopkins Students

Need we say it again? Pedestrians are no match for a two-ton motor vehicle. And, if bicyclists and persons are at a disadvantage when confronting a passenger car, one can only imagine the potentially serious consequences of being struck by a commercial delivery truck, city bus or semi tractor-trailer rig. In fact, these kinds of traffic accidents can result in life-altering injuries for some people.

As a Maryland personal injury and traffic accident lawyer, I understand the challenges that victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle crashes face when trying to recover from injuries such as broken bones, damaged internal organs, spinal cord and traumatic head injuries. Although many victims of car, truck and motorcycle collisions avoid serious medical complications, they can still end up spending days in the hospital recovering from cuts, lacerations and bruises.

A recent news article reminded us of the serious pedestrian accident that occurred earlier this year in the Baltimore area. In that crash, a 20-year-old student on a bicycle was hit by a passenger car driven by an elderly motorist. Although that young person’s life has been changed forever, and he may never recover according to news reports, the 83-year-old driver was only charged with negligent driving and failure to yield right of way.

Now, another incident has occurred, sending another couple Johns Hopkins students to the hospital. Based on news reports, this latest crash occurred just after 2am on a Saturday morning near the intersection of St. Paul Street and 33rd when a hit-and-run driver struck one male and one female student.

According to news reports, the Johns Hopkins Emergency Response Unit arrived quickly to provide treatment to the victims. The emergency responders from the Baltimore Fire Department transported sophomore Benjamin Zucker to Maryland Shock Trauma Center where he was listed in critical condition. The other victim, freshman Rachel Cohen, was taken to Sinai Hospital and reportedly had injuries that were reportedly less severe.

A Johns Hopkins security officer reportedly witnessed the incident and, with the assistance of two off-duty Baltimore patrolmen, was able to track down the suspect vehicle, a white 2010 Chevy sedan. The driver, who was the only person in the vehicle, was arrested, although charges were not immediately filed against the motorist.

Two Johns Hopkins students struck by hit-and-run driver,, May 7, 2011

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