Baltimore Injury News: Policeman Hurt in Hit-and-Run Auto Accident on I-495

Anyone can find themselves the victim of a car-pedestrian accident, even a police officer. The truth of the matter is that car crashes and other traffic-related accidents occur with alarming frequency in cities like Baltimore, Annapolis and Frederick, MD. As a Maryland auto accident lawyer, my experience is that these kinds of collisions happen when one is least expecting it.

An unexpected pedestrian traffic accident can lead to personal injuries as serious as head trauma and concussions to those relatively minor bodily injuries such as cuts, abrasions and bruises. As negligible as some injuries may seem, medical treatment and hospital costs can add up to significant money for a family whose income may not be able to support such heady amounts.

No matter what the cause, anyone hurt in a traffic-related accident should consult a qualified personal injury lawyer if only to understand their options and how to proceed going forward. A family trying to deal with a fatal accident may also want to consider filing a wrongful death suit.

In a recent news article, police charged a driver with hit-and-run in the case of a Maryland State Police trooper being struck by a car along Interstate 495. According to reports, the accident happened on a Wednesday evening as the officer was attending to an earlier car crash scene. Police say that Barbara Ermler, 64, drove her vehicle through the accident scene just after 7:30pm on the outer loop of the interstate, hitting the officer in the process.

During the incident, the woman’s Toyota Prius struck the trooper’s right leg and also caused his right hand hit the passing car’s right-hand side mirror. Based on reports, the trooper rolled off the hood of the woman’s car as it drove away. The officer got into his patrol car and gave chase. The woman was pulled over not far from the scene of the accident.

As a result, Ermler was charged with failure to return/remain at scene of an accident involving injury, negligent and reckless driving, and failure to yield right of way to a police vehicle, which is part of the newly adopted “Move Over Law.”
Woman charged in hit and run of Maryland state trooper,, October 21, 2010

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