Baltimore Injury News: Bowie Resident Dies in Single-vehicle Car Crash on Maryland’s Route 301

Single-vehicle auto wrecks can happen for a variety of reasons. While driver error is quite common, other causes can be attributed to these kinds of traffic accidents, with results ranging from simple cuts and bruises to head and spine trauma. Depending on the sped of the crash and other circumstances, fatalities are not uncommon.

Weather conditions as well as the state of the roadway can also be contributing factors in a car crash involving only one vehicle. As Maryland automobile accident lawyers, we are often called upon to represent individuals and their families in cases of defective vehicle equipment. Such cases can include failure of safety systems, broken or poorly maintained steering components, worn or damaged tires or suspension components.

Under the right circumstances, a defective vehicle component can prove to be an accident waiting to happen. At highway speeds, such component failures can result in death or severe injury to the driver and passengers. A recent accident along Route 301 near Mill Branch Road is a situation where defective equipment may be suspect.

Although police accident investigators had not yet determined a cause, the accident in question took the life of 62-year-old Nancy Lynne Jackson of Wakefield Lane in Bowie, MD. According to Maryland State Police, Jackson apparently lost control of her 2003 Toyota Camry while traveling northbound along the highway.

For an unknown reason, the woman’s car veered off the road and into a wooded area. Police responding to the crash around 2:30pm apparently found Jackson dead at the scene and confirmed by the forensic medical examiner. Police reports indicate that Jackson was the sole occupant of the vehicle and no other cars were involved in the accident, according to the State Police.

Bowie woman dies in single car crash,, April 18, 2010

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