Baltimore County, MD, Resident Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail for Vehicular Manslaughter

A man from Parkton, Maryland, was sentenced by a Baltimore County court to 20 years in prison for fatally injuring a Hereford, MD, woman when he smashed a stolen pickup truck straight into the victim’s home this past August. According to news reports, 30-year-old Aubry Miller Jr. will serve 10 years in jail for vehicular manslaughter and another 10 for felony auto theft. As a Baltimore auto accident attorney, my first thought is for this woman’s family, since she was killed by simple being at home that fateful night.

According to police reports, Mary Patricia Sullivan was fast asleep at 5am in the lower floor of her house on York Road in Hereford, Maryland, when the stolen truck driven by the defendant left the road, traveled across the yard and drive through the exterior wall of the 46-year-old’s bedroom, killing her instantly.

Police investigators determined that the thief had been on a spree of thefts, and was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he killed Sullivan. The owner of the vehicle had only just noticed that truck was missing when the collision occurred.

Reportedly, Sullivan’s two youngest daughters — Shannon Meehan, 17, and Aidan Meehan, 15 — were asleep in a second-floor bedroom. Neither was injured in the crash. Sullivan’s oldest daughter, 19-year-old Caileigh Meehan, made a tearful statement to the court prior to the sentencing on September 28.

Court records show that Miller has been charged with various crimes 28 times. Apparently he was convicted of theft in Prince George’s County in 1999 and again in 2001; two thefts in Anne Arundel in 2000 and a third in 2004; unauthorized removal of property in Baltimore County in 2003, and again in 2006; and theft and assault in Howard County in 2005.

After killing Sullivan, Miller reportedly walked away from the crash. The only way police were able to track him down was when they found a cell phone in the truck with the voicemail recording: “Hey, you’ve reached Aubry.”

At the time of her death, Sullivan was project manager of a study on sexually transmitted diseases at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Disease. There was no mention of a husband, and considering this the woman’s daughters have sadly been deprived of a mother and provider.

Parkton man sentenced in Hereford vehicular manslaughter case,, September 28, 2009

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