Baltimore County Auto Accident News: Elderly Maryland Driver Dies in Fatal Two-Car Roadway Collision

An elderly woman died following a two-car accident in Kingsville, MD, after the vehicle she was operating was struck by another car along a stretch of Belair Rd. The driver of the second vehicle was seriously injured as a result of the crash and was able to leave the hospital soon after.

Now, we’ve seen the results of this type of fatal car crash before, but it doesn’t make this or any other traffic accident less tragic or lamentable. While some older drivers make it through the majority of their lives without a single traffic collision, others — whether through inattention, physical complications or other problem — end up being involved in a serious or even fatal car or trucking wreck.

As Maryland personal injury lawyers, I and my staff are trained to represent victims and their families following a serious car, truck or motorcycle crash. Injuries from such accidents can range from mild to severe; even life-threatening. As with any motor vehicle collision, speed, roadway conditions, vehicle type and other factors, all have a bearing on the outcome of the crash.

In the case of car-to-car accidents, the occupants are enclosed in similarly sized vehicles, which is sometimes an advantage, but never a guarantee of survival. Even in wrecks involving two or more cars, SUVs or minivans, injuries such as broken bones and lacerations are not uncommon. Head, neck and back injuries are possible, all of which can have long term complications with lingering after affects for those who sustain such injuries.

Trucking collisions, especially those involving smaller passenger cars or pedestrians, can be particularly devastating, again depending on various factors. High-speed highway collisions can cause a passenger vehicle to be literally crushed by the much larger semi tractor-trailer or other heavy commercial truck. Vehicle fires and potentially fatal injuries are always possible following such roadway crashes.

Finally, it goes without saying that motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents can result in traumatic brain injury, as well as spinal damage and other critical bodily injuries. As a victim of a bike or pedestrian traffic accident, surviving is just the first step on a long road to recovery for many people. Anyone who can literally walk away from such violent traffic collisions can truly count themselves among the lucky ones.

The accident in question at the beginning of this entry apparently was severe enough to cause US Rte 1 to be closed down between Honeygo Blvd. and Mt. Vista Rd for nearly four hours. According to police reports, the two-car accident crash happened in the late morning when an elderly woman was trying to make a left turn onto Belair Rd. from Sheradale Dr. In doing so, Anna Lorden reportedly pulled into the the path of an oncoming Honda Civic, which slammed into the woman’s Cadillac.

Based on news reports, Lorden was pronounced dead at the crash site, while the driver of the Honda, and unidentified adult male, was seriously injured and subsequently transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. The crash, which took place at around 10am, At about 10 a.m., the 85-year-old woman in a blue Cadillac pulled out of Sheradale Drive to make a left turn onto Belair Road. Her vehicle was then struck by a white Honda Civic, said Sgt. David Jansky, a Baltimore County crash team investigator on the scene.

The victim, identified as Anna Lorden, was pronounced dead at the scene, said Det. Cathy Batton, a Baltimore County police spokeswoman. An unidentified 30-year-old man from Essex, MD, was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center with serious injuries. At the time of the article, there was no mention as to whether the cause of the accident was human error, mechanical defect, or some other contributing factors; however it would appear, based on various comments, that this particular stretch of roadway may have a poor reputation vis-à-vis speeding and other traffic safety violations.

UPDATE: Woman Killed in Kingsville Accident, Belair Road Reopened,, September 30, 2011

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