Baltimore Car Accident News: Multiple Injuries Reported in Single-Car Crash on Maryland Route 50

Depending on the circumstances a seemingly simple error in judgment or apparently minor mechanical problem with a vehicle’s suspension or steering systems can lead to a serious crash and subsequent injuries to a car’s occupants. Occasionally, a traffic accident may involve fatalities as a result of a collision with a stationary object or another motor vehicle, such as another passenger car or, worse, a large semi tractor-trailer like a Peterbilt 18-wheeler or Kenworth big rig hauling dangerous or flammable cargo, such as heating oil or gasoline.

Serving the citizens of Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington, D.C., and other Maryland-area communities, I and my staff of experienced automobile accident and personal injury attorneys understand the pain and suffering that victims of traffic accidents may suffer from. I know that it only takes a moment of indecision, or a brief lapse in concentration to turn a pleasant ride into a deadly, life-altering episode.

A recent news report illustrated the potential of a single-car crash and how it affected a handful of people riding together in a vehicle. According to police, seven persons, all believed to be related, were sent to local hospitals following a crash on Route 50 in Anne Arundel County. Based on news reports, the crash occurred on a Saturday afternoon when the driver of a ’96 Mercedes-Benz for some reason lost control of the vehicle.

The car was holding more than a dozen individuals when it went out of control, stuck a guardrail and then flipped over onto the eastbound lanes of Rte 50 around 2:30pm in the afternoon. No mention was made as to whether or not the accident was caused by possibly defective or poorly maintained vehicle equipment, however the results were significant.

Based on a news article, the driver and one of the other occupants were trapped inside the wrecked Mercedes prior to being extricated by rescue personnel arriving at the scene. Emergency responders treated those two people, a 31- and 41-year-old woman. According to reports, both women had serious injuries and were flown by helicopter to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center. Two men, 22 and 23, reportedly had serious yet non-life-threatening injuries; they were also taken by ambulance to shock trauma.

Two young children were hurt in the crash as well. Aged 5 and 2, the kids were taken to University of Maryland Hospital with minor injuries; as was a 20-year-old man who reportedly had serious but not life-threatening injuries.

According to officials, the other, less seriously injured occupants of the car were taken to the university hospital in an effort to keep the group together.

7 hospitalized in Route 50 wreck,, August 22, 2010

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