Baltimore Automobile Injury Accident News: Charles County Driver Killed in Fatal Three-Car Traffic Wreck

All manner of individuals travel Maryland’s roadways every day, each of them trusting in their own way that the drivers of all the other vehicles with whom they share the road are each paying attention and doing the right thing. As Baltimore personal injury lawyers and auto/trucking accident attorneys, we know of what we speak; traffic accidents do occur frequently on Maryland highways and surface streets. And these crashes, both minor and serious, happen to young and old, men and women; a traffic wreck is, in a word, indiscriminate when it comes to choosing its victims.

Of course, this does not mean that accidents happen without cause, it’s simply that the causes, which vary widely, can be the result of human error, poor roadway design, or even through mechanical defect. In cases where negligence is potentially the reason, that is when litigation is sometimes called for. Whether a car, truck or motorcycle wreck results in property damage, serious injury, or the death of another individual depends on the circumstances and occasionally the luck or lack thereof on the part of the various victims.

When a person operates a vehicle in a negligent or uncaring manner — due to impairment, distraction, or reckless and aggressive driving — that individual risks setting into motion events that can affect many innocent lives. There are countless news articles printed every day that detail the results of bad driving habits or just plain thoughtlessness. Whatever the cause, be it here in Baltimore, Rockville or the District, people are bound to be hurt or killed. The results can rock families and communities to their core, and cause the victims a lifetime of pain and discomfort.

One such accident, which occurred a while back, left a man from Indian Head, MD, dead and several others with unknown injuries. Although police had not completed their investigation at the time of the news report, this particular car crash may have been a case of driver error, though faulty or defective vehicle equipment may have triggered the multi-car collision in Charles County, Maryland on a Friday morning.

According to police reports, the three-vehicle wreck happened along a stretch of Rte 225 in the La Plata area not far from the intersection of Rte 227. A late model Audi driven by 52-year-old Bobby Colvin was moving in the westbound lane a little before 11am when for some reason the man’s car veered across the dividing line and into the eastbound traffic. Based on information from the Maryland State Police, Colvin’s automobile struck the right rear of a vehicle being driven by a 78-year-old man from White Plains.

Following that initial collision, Colvin’s vehicle hit a 2006 Ford light truck head-on, likely injuring the driver, 58-year-old Gregory Mack of Hyattsville, Maryland. After emergency responders arrived on the scene, the elderly man driving the first vehicle that was hit by Colvin was taken via ambulance to La Plata’s Civista Medical Center. The Ford truck driver was taken by taken by state police helicopter to MedStar in Washington, D.C.

Three other occupants in the Ford were also injured; 55-year-old Cassandra Gray, 63-year-old David Gray and a two-year-old toddler were all hurt in the car accident. Each of those individuals was transported by chopper to MedStar in the District. Colvin apparently died at the scene of the accident; his body was subsequently taken to the Baltimore Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

According to police reports, the listed cause of this particular fatal accident was failure on the deceased part to stay right of center.

Indian Head Man Killed in Accident,, May 28, 2011

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