Baltimore Automobile Accident News: Two Die in Head-on Washington, D.C., Car Crash on Canal Road

With millions of miles of expressways, highways, rural roads and cities streets crisscrossing the U.S. it should come as no surprise that not every one of these public thoroughfares has been engineered correctly. While most high-speed roadways are correctly designed, many secondary roads leave much to be desired when it comes to convenience and even outright safety.

As Baltimore personal injury attorneys and auto accident lawyers, we have seen the aftermath of enough car, commercial truck and motorcycle crashes to make the average person cringe at the thought of a loved one being involved in such collisions. Yet traffic wrecks — whether single- or multi-vehicle crashes — do happen on a daily basis here in Maryland.

It could be said that many motor vehicle collisions occur as a result of another driver’s negligence. But other factors can come into play, which sometimes make it difficult to attach blame to any one party, until further investigation is conducted. Defective vehicle equipment is one such cause of injury accidents and fatal traffic wrecks.

Sometimes, a poorly designed roadway can be a contributing factor in automobile and commercial truck accidents. Add bad weather into the equation, such as the snow and ice that the East Coast has seen this winter, and you can have a deadly combination facing motorists during their daily commutes. A short time ago, two people died along a stretch of Canal Rd in an early-morning car crash near Foxhall Rd.

According to news reports, one of the vehicles involved in the accident apparently skidded when it hit a patch of ice. The driver of the vehicle reportedly lost control of the car as it crossed the centerline and hit a pickup truck coming in the opposite direction. The occupants of the vehicle that went out of control both died, according to Washington, D.C. Police.

According to those who know the area, Canal is a major thoroughfare for drivers heading into or out of the District during the morning and evening commutes. Sadly, the crash may have turned out differently if it had been later in the morning — at 6:45am that stretch of road changes to eastbound only traffic.

Fatal accident closes Canal Rd.,, January 14, 2011

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