Baltimore Auto Injury News: Several Marylanders Injured in Five-Car Pileup on Merritt Blvd. in Dundalk

With the number of car wrecks that happen on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis here in Maryland, is it really a wonder that more people are not hurt as a result of some kind of traffic-related accident at least once in their lives? It’s a sad truth that as long as we have motor vehicles and roadways on which to drive them, that there will likely continue to be mishaps on city streets, in rural areas and on every stretch of interstate expressway in this state.

Quite frankly, with the literally millions of vehicle miles racked up every year all across the U.S., it shouldn’t be too surprising that there are on average five to six million automobile, motorcycle and trucking-related crashes annually. As Baltimore personal injury attorneys representing victims for traffic accidents — from passenger car collisions and commercial motor vehicle crashes, to motorcycle crashes — we have met many people who have received very serious injuries as a result of another driver’s negligent actions.

Whether through the other person’s negligence, thoughtless or careless actions, or even reckless disregard for anyone else’s safety or well-being, our job is to help the victims of these typically senseless incidents recover the costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation and even long-term care following a bad roadway accident.

Because automobile and trucking-related collisions usually occur due to the fault of one of the drivers involved, there is a demonstrable need to have a qualified personal injury lawyer review the incident and provide his or her recommendations for going forward with personal injury lawsuit. Since every driver is required by law to operate his vehicle in a reasonably prudent manner, those who chose either consciously or through careless and negligent actions to drive in a way that endangers another driver, passenger or pedestrian must answer for their deeds should they injure or kill another person.

Never think that a personal injury lawsuit is not a valid course of action. With many families already reeling from the economic turmoil of the last five years, being saddled with medical costs as a victim of a car or motorcycle crash that one did not cause is hardly reasonable, from our point of view. Why should who has suffered the pain of bone fractures, torn ligaments, whiplash or closed-head injuries caused by another individual also have to bear the financial burden of the medical treatment necessitated by those injuries?

Frankly, you shouldn’t have to suffer and there is no reason not to expect just compensation from the party who caused the accident that resulted in those injuries. As we always recommend to those seeking advice, if you or a loved one is seriously injured in a car or truck accident, it is in your best interest to consult with a qualified injury attorney who has handled many similar types of cases.

And for good reason; Car accidents hurt many people all around the state. In fact, not long ago a multi-vehicle wreck happened along a stretch of Merritt Blvd in Baltimore County, the results of which caused three people to be sent to the emergency room for medical treatment. Based on news articles the time, the chain reaction collision took place on a Tuesday afternoon a little after 2pm in Dundalk, MD. Police arriving on the scene determined that the driver of a Chevy Equinox sport utility vehicle, which was going from Eastern Blvd. to Merritt Boulevard, apparently ignored or failed to recognize a red light at the intersection near Old North Point Rd.

Having gone through the red light, the SUV reportedly hit a Nissan sedan, which in turn struck a Chevy Traverse SUV. That second Chevrolet then ran into a Chrysler Pacifica as well as a Honda Civic. All of the vehicle, save for the Equinox, were stopped and waiting for the light to change green.

Once the initial chain reaction was completed, the instigating vehicle continued on, crossing three lanes of the northbound portion of Merritt Blvd, ending up in the shoulder of the northbound side. In the aftermath of that crash, three victims were hurt and had to be taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. One of the two people who were hurt in the collision was found to have serious injuries.

Three Injured in Five-Car Crash in Dundalk,, February 5, 2013

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