Baltimore Auto Accident Update: Westminster, MD, Driver Returns Home following 3-Month Hospital Stay

Ask almost any survivor of a serious injury car crash and you’ll probably find that he or she went through extensive medical treatments and may have avoided life-threatening injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord damage or internal injuries. As personal injury attorneys serving the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area, we understand the pain, discomfort and financial cost that can be the inevitable consequence of a car, truck or motorcycle crash.

A while back, a story caught our eye regarding the long-awaited homecoming of a Westminster woman who was severely hurt during a traffic accident last September. According to news reports, 29-year-old Mary Medicus was involved in a terrible head-on collision with a drunk driver along a stretch of Interstate 795. At the time of the accident, Medicus and her father were reportedly traveling home from a music concert in Baltimore in the early morning hours just before the crash on September 10.

At about 3am, the family members’ vehicle was struck head-on by a drunken motorist driving his vehicle in the wrong direction on the interstate with no headlights. That man, Davis E. Patterson of Reisterstown, MD, was killed as a result of the wreck. Medicus was transporter to University of Maryland Shock Trauma after the crash and then spent the first of her three-month recovery in a coma.

Restricted to a hospital bed even now that she is home, Medicus said that she can’t believe she survived the ordeal. Her recovery has apparently been amazing since her injuries were so serious; following the crash, the woman’s skull was starting to separate from her spinal column, her legs were broken and she had a split breast bone. Her other injuries included shattered knees, crushed right heel and broken ribs on her right side.

Her medical treatments included 17 operations, yet doctors expect that she will need additional surgeries in the future. Medicus was told that she could have lost her right foot if it hadn’t been for the efforts of the Pikesville volunteer fire company, who rescued her from her smashed vehicle.

Her father, Frank Medicus, told reporters that the accident put the family through much hardship. While his daughter was recovering, first at Shock Trauma and then at University Specialty Hospital, Medicus said he had to balance hospital visits with continuing to earn money in classic car restoration. According to reports, his daughter was his assistant in the business.

Medicus said his family is investigating the number and nature of the accidents on I-795 to see if there might be some connection with poor signage along that part of the expressway and motorists driving in the wrong direction. If their suspicions are confirmed, the family members hope that their efforts might help to make conditions safer for others in the future.

Westminster woman returns home after September crash,, December 12, 2010

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