Baltimore Auto Accident Update: What to Expect Following a Serious Traffic Wreck with Occupant Injuries

For Maryland drivers who find themselves caught up in a sudden and possibly serious injury accident on one of the state’s highways, rural roads or urban streets, the pain of injuries sustained during a car crash are sometimes equaled only by the cost of medical treatment for same. As Baltimore personal injury lawyers and car, motorcycle and trucking accident attorneys, I and my staff understand the uphill battle that injured parties can sometimes face.

From the standpoint of the negligent party, be it a taxi or livery driver, a trucker behind the wheel of an 18-wheel rig, or a passenger car driver who may have been texting or otherwise impaired by drugs or alcohol, they already have representation, their insurance company. That’s right, many a negligent driver — the man or woman who caused the collision and subsequent serious injuries to others — is almost always represented by a lawyer on behalf of an insurance company.

As an auto accident attorney, I know that negligent drivers have the strength of a large insurance company on their side. The job of corporate attorneys is to keep the plaintiff from receiving fair compensation for any injuries the victim(s) may have sustained as a result of the negligent driver’s actions.

Our job, as experienced personal injury attorneys is to represent our clients who have suffered serious medical conditions and, as a result, incurred costly hospital treatment and extended rehabilitation and physical therapy bills. From soft tissue injuries to spinal damage and life-threatening traumatic brain injury, the results of a car, motorcycle or trucking-related traffic accident can have lasting and negative effects on a victim and his or her family.

Other injuries that can result from a serious highway crash include: fractures of the shoulder, arm or wrist; herniated spinal discs; tearing of the rotator cuff, partial or permanent paralysis; broken femur, tibia or ankle; ruptured spleen or injury to the other internal organs.

As practicing lawyers in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area, as well as other cities and towns throughout Maryland, we see the range of physical and emotional harm caused by senseless and many times preventable car and truck accidents. If you or a loved one is hurt or seriously injured as a result of another’s negligence, seek the advice of a qualified attorney to better understand your options.

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