Baltimore Auto Accident News: Howard County Man Dies after Losing Control of Car, Hitting House

A 20-year-old Maryland man died after he apparently lost control of the vehicle he was driving and then crashing into a house along a stretch of Rte 103. Although there was no specific cause given by police at the time of news report, accidents like this can sometimes be the result of defective vehicle equipment such as a faulty steering or braking system.

As Maryland auto accident lawyers, I and my colleagues represent victims of car and motorcycle accidents, as well as victims’ families in cases where a collision results in the death of the driver or occupants. Single-car accidents like the one discussed here can range from minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, to serious injuries, like compound fractures, internal injuries and spine/head trauma.

According to police, the man who died was a resident of Elkridge, MD. Bryan Thomas Bolster, who apparenlty died at the scene of the accident, was reportedly the only occupant of a BMW he was operating, which left the roadway a little before 11pm and hit a house. The force of the wreck caused the car to burst into flames, which then spread to the house, catching the structure on fire as well.

Based on news reports, eye witnesses described the crash to police saying that Bolster’s vehicle was apparently going at a high rate of speed along Montgomery Rd, also known as Rte 103. Once it left the road, the BMW hit the front porch of the home, in which there were two occupants. Those people and their pets were able to exit the building safely following the crash.

Local residents reportedly stated that accidents in that particular area were not so uncommon. According to authorities, Bolster had pleaded guilty to speeding violations twice in the past.

Driver Killed in Crash Friday Was 20-Year-Old From Elkridge,, December 12, 2010

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