Baltimore Auto Accident News: Abington, Maryland, Woman Dies in Single-car Accident on I-695

Defective vehicle equipment can be the cause of many accidents however the reasons for the specific fault are not always apparent. A car, truck or motorcycle crash can happen out of a number of causes, such as poorly manufactured tires, damaged or neglected safety systems, poorly designed yet critical vehicle components, such as steering and suspension, or sometimes incorrect maintenance of certain mechanical parts.

As a Baltimore automobile and trucking accident lawyer, my main concern is for the victims of traffic collisions and victims’ families. The burden of medical costs and lost wages can combine to put a strain on family members at one of the worst times of their lives. Add to this the possible death of a primary breadwinner due to fatal vehicle crash and you have a recipe for tragedy beyond that of the original car accident.

Recently, an Abington, MD, resident was killed when her vehicle left the roadway along a stretch of Interstate 695. According to news reports, 48-year-old Danita Marie Hasselbarth was driving her 1994 Chevy Camaro north along Harford Road toward the Baltimore Beltway. Once on the merging ramp the woman’s car apparently started to drift off the right-hand side of the road onto the adjoining grassy area next to the roadway.

Police investigators believe Hasselbarth then over-steered her vehicle in order to bring it back onto the road. Reports indicate that the driver lost control of her vehicle causing the car to spin and skid backwards toward a concrete barrier. Police reports show that the barrier at that point was positioned in such a way that it acted as a ramp and caused the car to be flipped over onto its roof.

There was no mention of fire, however when emergency responders arrived to assist the driver the paramedics from Baltimore County pronounced her dead at the scene.

Abingdon woman dies in I-695 car crash,, July 11. 2010

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