Baltimore Accident News: Worchester County Driver Charged with Drunken Driving after Single-car Crash and Fire

Having represented numerous auto accident victims as a Maryland personal injury attorney, nothing much surprises me or my colleagues and staff. While news of a single-vehicle crash these days might make people think of claims against Toyota for issues of mechanical problems and unexpected acceleration, not all individual car crashes can be pinned on defective vehicle equipment.

Driver error or simple negligence can also be a cause of many accidents, not only here in Baltimore, but in Washington, D.C., Annapolis and Frederick, MD. In cases where an individual is hurt or killed as a passenger of a vehicle may open the door for a civil suit against the driver, depending on possible negligent behavior prior to a traffic accident.

Drunk driving, driving while distracted (such as texting), or driving under the influence (DUI) of prescription medication can all be contributing factors in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. A recent news article pointed out the dangers of motor vehicle collisions, even single-car accidents.

According to reports, an Ocean City woman narrowly escaped certain death when she apparently lost control of her vehicle, which left the roadway and crashed into a farmer’s field busting into flames as a result of the impact. The accident occurred a little after 3am early on a Saturday morning. Based on Maryland State Police reports, 40-year-old Kristina Lynn Wenger was traveling along Rte 610 near Whaleyville when the vehicle went our of control.

As a result, the car crashed into a roadside ditch and then overturned in a nearby field. The accident caused the vehicle to catch fire and soon the entire vehicle was covered in flames. Fortunately, the driver was able to free herself from the car and get a way without critical injuries. EMS crews arriving on the scene likely administered medical aid before the woman was taken by an MSP helicopter to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Emergency responders from the Showell Volunteer Fire Department were able to put out the fire after the driver had been rescued from the site of the burning vehicle. Wenger, who was listed in stable condition at the hospital, was charged by police with driving under the influence and other, related traffic offenses.

WORCESTER: Woman charged with DUI after accident,, September 25, 2010

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