Baltimore Accident News: Maryland Teenage Dies in Traffic Accident Between Car and Garbage Truck

Highway traffic accidents involving automobiles and heavy vehicles, such as 18-wheelers and commercial delivery trucks, can result in serious injury to the hapless occupants of the smaller passenger car. As a Maryland personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen trucking accidents that have killed some, yet miraculously allowed others to walk away. Mostly, however, these kinds of car-truck collisions can lead to tragic results.

A recent news article pointed out the fatal nature of such collisions on public roads. According to reports, a Westminster, MD, crash involving four separate vehicles took the life of a young Maryland teen this past month. Based on police reports, the collision happened on a stretch of Maryland’s Route 27 when a northbound Saturn driven by 19-year-old Nicholas Louis Vidi for some reason veered into the path of a southbound garbage truck. The young Sykesville resident reportedly died at the scene of the accident, which occurred in Carroll County just south of Kate Wagner Road.

As a result of the initial crash, two other vehicles following Vidi’s Saturn also were caught up in the accident. A Honda Civic driven by Barry Mulligan narrowly avoided Vidi’s Saturn, but was hit by a fourth car driven by Lori Ann Lowe of Westminster. Lowe and the driver of the garbage truck, Jeannette Zelaya of Westminster, were injured during the incident according to police.

Emergency crews arriving at the scene could not revive Vidi. They treated Lowe and Zelaya before transporting the two to Carroll Hospital Center for non-life threatening injuries. Mulligan reportedly refused medical treatment. Although defective equipment is always a possible cause, at the time of the article police were still looking into the reason for the crash.

Westminster Maryland car-truck collision: Teenager killed after 4-car wreck,, July 22, 2010

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