Passengers Beware: Serious Maryland Car Accidents Can Affect Not Only Drivers, But All Vehicle Occupants

Listen to almost anyone who has been in a serious traffic accident, if they are even up to discussing it, and you may realize that victims of high-speed roadway collisions are subjected to a great deal of physical abuse in just a matter of moments. The kind of violent energy transfer from a moving vehicle to the human body in just a few microseconds can change a person’s life in the blink of an eye. As Maryland personal injury attorneys, I and my legal staff can appreciate the extent of physical and psychological trauma that an automobile or commercial trucking accident can have on the victims.

Automobile accidents, whether they occur in Gaithersburg, Columbia, Rockville or The District, can result in a range of injuries. From simple bumps and bruises to broken bones, internal injuries and closed-head trauma, there is nothing routine about a serious car, truck or motorcycle wreck. Even those who do everything to avoid and prepare for such an eventuality never quite expect the randomness with which a highway or urban auto collision can occur.

Being personal injury lawyers, trained in and experienced with representing victims of car and truck collisions, we understand how many families can be placed in a difficult financial position following a bad traffic wreck. Aside from the physical and emotional impact of a sudden and violent collision, individuals and entire families may be hit again with costs for extensive surgeries and other medical procedures, not to mention possible long-term rehabilitation, or worse, a lifetime of reduced mobility or other disability.

Not only can an injury from a car, truck or pedestrian accident impact one’s wallet in terms of medical care, the collateral costs — such as lost wages and possible inability to work in one’s chosen profession going forward — can impose a great burden on individuals and their families. Of course, a fatal car crash is one of the worst and most permanent scenarios that any person can contemplate. Experiencing the loss of a loved one who has been killed in a senseless traffic wreck can mean a lifetime of regret and heartache.

We were reminded of this type of scenario not long ago as we came across a news article describing a double-fatal auto accident in the Baltimore, MD, area. According to the article, a single-car crash took the life of both the driver and passenger of a small economy car along a stretch of Falls Road at northwest side of Baltimore County.

Based on police reports, the wreck happened late on a Saturday evening when the 22-year-old driver of a Honda Civic apparently lost control of his vehicle, causing the car to leave the roadway and roll over. During the crash, both the driver and front-seat passenger were thrown from the car. According to news articles, the driver was pronounced dead at the crash site, while the passenger survived the initial event. That victim was treated at the scene and rushed to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for emergency treatment. Unfortunately, that 21-year-old man died the next day from apparent complications.

Accident in rural area of upper Falls Road kills two,, April 15, 2012

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