3 Car Accident in California, Maryland

Police, fire, and other rescue crews responded to the report of a three car accident along Airport Road in California last month. When the crews arrived, they discovered the three vehicles still in the roadway.

According to the initial investigation, authorities believe that a Dodge Caravan was traveling west on Airport Road, when it struck an Infiniti M45 that was in a turn lane waiting for the roadway to clear.

The initial collision’s impact from the Caravan caused the Infiniti to cross into oncoming traffic, which resulted in a collision with a BMW 735.

Three individuals were transported to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries.

While the accident remains under investigation, the initial cause of the accident remains unreported.

Based on the circumstances as reported, whereby one vehicle crashed into a vehicle that was in a turning lane, it seems likely that one of two possible scenarios occurred. One potential explanation is that the car who which waiting to turn was pulled too far out into traffic, which left insufficient space for oncoming traffic to pass safely. The car could also have accelerated too soon in anticipation of turning, thus putting it farther into the path of oncoming traffic.

An alternative explanation is that the car which was waiting to turn was within a safe distance from oncoming traffic, and that it was the oncoming driver who either drove too closely to the turning car, misjudged the distance, or made some other error, which accidentally resulted in the collision.

It is difficult to ascertain the nature of fault in this case due to limited information. However, an accident is rarely blameless, and typically at least one driver is at fault for causing a collision. The most common sort of claim brought in car accident cases stems from the alleged negligent driving of one or more individuals.

A negligence case requires a showing by the plaintiff (person bringing the lawsuit) that the driver who caused the accident was not driving in a manner in which a reasonably prudent person would drive. Common examples of failing to meet this standard include when a driver speeds excessively, ignores traffic signals, or ignores another driver’s right of way. A successful case also requires a showing that this negligent behavior was the cause of the accident. For example, if the excessive speeding resulted in the car colliding with another one, this element would be satisfied.

Potentially recoverable items in a negligence case include things such as car or other property damages, awards for personal injuries, which could include medical bills, physical and other therapies, pain and suffering, and any resultant damages incurred as a result of injury, such as lost wages or other work related consequences.

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