16-Year-Old Boy Crossing the Road Tragically Killed in Maryland Car Accident

Last month, a 16-year old boy was tragically killed in a Maryland car accident. According to the Baltimore Sun, which covered the incident, the teenage boy was attempting to cross the road in Hampstead along with three other young people just before 8 pm one night. He never made it across the road—a 2020 Toyota Corolla hit him, and he was taken to Carroll Hospital where he passed away. A sergeant with the Maryland State Police said that the accident is under investigation, and that the other three young people crossing the road were not injured.

The incident is a tragic example of the harm Maryland car accidents involving pedestrians can cause. Pedestrians involved in car accidents are often seriously injured, or even killed, because they do not have any protection. Maryland specifically is plagued by pedestrian accidents—the state was recently ranked as the fourteenth deadliest state for pedestrians. In the first six months of 2018, for example, there were 60 pedestrian deaths due to motorists. This was a 25 percent increase from 2017, highlighting the importance of both drivers and pedestrians taking safety precautions while on the road.

Drivers can do their part to avoid pedestrian accidents by following all traffic signs, posted speed limits, and limiting distractions whilst driving. Many car accidents involving pedestrians occur because drivers are distracted and not paying attention, not seeing the pedestrian until it’s too late. Pedestrians should also take extra precautions to avoid being hit, such as crossing roads at crosswalks and other designated areas, looking both ways before crossing to ensure a clear path, and avoiding crossing roads with a blind turn, where neither cars nor pedestrians can see each other coming.

How Can a Pedestrian Recover Financially After an Accident?

When Maryland car accidents involving pedestrians do occur, the state does allow those injured a remedy at law. Pedestrians injured by negligent car drivers, for example, can file a personal injury suit against the driver. However, to succeed., the pedestrian must prove that the car driver was negligent. This may easy when the car ran a red light, or the driver was clearly texting while driving, or driving under the influence. It may be harder, however, if there’s not a clear sign of negligence. The driver may also attempt to prove that the pedestrian was themselves negligent—by crossing the road at a dangerous spot, or by seeing the oncoming car but deciding to cross anyways. These cases can thus get very complicated, and plaintiffs are encouraged to work closely with a Maryland personal injury attorney to maximize their chances of success.

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